Grow your own organic sprouts in just 24hrs with no sun, soil or toil!

Domed Sprouter Starter Kit

$ 39.95

The Sprout Haus

Whether you’re an expert sprouter or someone who wants to learn how to sprout, Sprout Haus does not disappoint! The unique domed design of Sprout Haus ensures that your sprouts will rinse easily, grow quickly, and be healthy!

The Sprout Haus is easy to use and will get you on your way to healthier eating and saving money – it will revolutionize your kitchen. The Sprout Haus doesn’t need soil or sun, or even a special place in your house! In a world of GMOs and pesticides, Sprout Haus gives you the ability to easily grow your own organic produce – whenever you want, wherever you want.

Grow them every day or once a week (clean, dry, and place them in a container in the fridge), and your meals will be fresh, tasty, and super healthy.

Beans and seeds can be easily found online at our mother company Sprouting World or at local health food stores. For recipes, sprouting tips and more information see:

The ultimate locally-grown food in your own kitchen!
Fast food doesn’t have to come in a box!

Benefits of Sprouting



  • When beans and seeds start to grow (sprout), they release great amounts of nutrients. This means that a sprouted chickpea is healthier for you than one from a tin!
  • Our beans/seeds are certified organic (no pesticides here!). Adding sprouts into your diet is like including a daily vitamins into your routine (sans the processing and plastic packaging).
  • Sprouts also have a lot of protein – perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and pescetarians.
  • Sprouts give you a massive boost of nutrients: enzymes, vitamins, proteins and minerals that are easily absorbed into your body and help digestion!
  • Individuals who wish to boost their immunity and foodies will also find benefit in sprouting!
  • You even cut down on your carbon footprint by sprouting.



  • Our Sprout Haus sprouts taste fresh, crunchy, and simply natural!
  • We love to eat our sprouts just as they are (sometimes with a dash of salt or vinegar/garlic) but add sprouts to your smoothies, salads, sandwiches, juice, pasta, stir-fry… the possibilities are endless!
  • Sprouts are safe to be eaten raw, cooked, or blended at any time of day or night!
  • Worried about getting your 5-10 fruit/veg servings? Sprouts are an easy and inexpensive way to ensure you’re getting your greens!
  • Raw foods like sprouts are essential to detoxifying your body and maintaining your health.
  • Growing your sprouts takes only 20 seconds a day (rinse and change water).



  • Growing your own sprouts is an easy way to reduce your grocery bill, especially if you pay more for organic or off-season produce.
  • Sprouting is like having a small garden in your house and brings all the pleasure of watching something grow but without the time, tools, and space for gardening!
  • Good for ages 5 to 95 - sprouting is healthy and age-appropriate for everyone.
  • Children can watch their sprouts grow, learn about nature, and foster a sense of responsibility for tending to the sprouts without any mess!
  • The Sprout Haus is also perfect for Senior citizens who love gardening but their lifestyle may not permit it, for students (residence room ready!), and those who live in apartments!
  • Just one purchase of the Sprout Haus and beans/seeds are very affordable.
  • You only get one body – keep it healthy.

Beans/Seeds + H2O + 24hrs = Sprouts!

The Sprout Haus Kit

Includes everything you need to get started!

  • One Sprout Haus
  • 1 lb dried mung beans (certified organic, nutritious, delicious and versatile!)
  • Instructions (sprouting is so simple!)
  • Some of our favourite recipes and ideas for easily adding sprouts to your everyday meals
  • All you need to add is water! Because of its compact size, the Sprout Haus fits easily on a typical kitchen counter. You don't have to worry about placing it near natural light - the growing sprouts are pretty happy in the dark!

The design of the Sprout Haus avoids mold and bacteria that are problematic with other methods. Sprout Haus is designed to grow sprouts safely, quickly, and efficiently (a big surface area ensures high production).

Et voilà! You'll master sprouting! Enjoy the fruits of your (minimal) labour!

$ 39.95
Start sprouting today!

5% of Sprout Haus sales are donated to, an organization dedicated to making recreational activities accessible to everybody.


"I've bought numerous sprouters in the past and have even made my own but am so impressed by this product that I have since switched to solely using this sprouter. You will be hard pressed to find an easier, more effective sprouting unit out there.

I would recommend this to long time sprouters as well as anyone who has been curious about sprouting and wants to find an easy way to incorporate all the health benefits of sprouts into their diet, but has limited time, experience and doesn't want an overpriced device. So grateful!"

- Jenna Goodhand
Executive Director,
Saving Lives with Forks and Knives

"I love sprouts... and the Sprout Haus Sprouter is the simplest way to grow them!

As a professional chef who truly cares about what I serve my guests, I always have at least 2 trays of sprouts growing all the time. As a nutrition coach, sprouting is one of the very first principles I introduce to my clients and for sure one of the most important.

As a parent, feeding sprouts to my own children is a slam dunk, sure fire way to ensure they are getting the vitamins, minerals and enzymes they need to grow!

I have taken these Sprout Haus sprouters to the Arctic where I fed them to guests on the edge of the Northwest private clients in the Muskokas...and we incorporate them in the food in our coffee shop, Caboose Coffee House, in the Junction of Toronto.

Sprouts are the easiest way to guarantee good nutrition!"

- Patrick Louch
Chef, Nutrition & Life Coach

"While I have trouble believing it myself, I swear I can feel the difference when I eat a good quantity of sprouts for breakfast!"

- Jay Richardson
Sprouter Enthusiast (and previous skeptic)

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